Performance Tuning & ECU Re-mapping

We modify, tune and upgrade all types of road-legal and track-day cars and offer to programme and install new ECUs. We have access to a rolling road allowing us to check and fine-tune new engine maps and to provide safe and seamless power.

We also have experienced welders and a product designer, which enables us to fabricate bespoke components for your vehicle.

Our services include:

  • Welded or bolted roll cages

  • Race seats and seat belts

  • Installation of new ECU´s

  • Engine re-mapping

  • Suspension upgrades

  • Race brakes

  • Performance exhaust systems

  • Bespoken fabricated components

  • Track-day and road-legal tyres

  • Safety equipment

  • and much more…

Interested? Then get in contact with us! Depending on your budget, we can either

build your car step by step and over a longer period or do it all at once.

It’s all your decision.


Give us a call or contact us by email. We will be pleased to work out a plan matching your individual wishes and requirements and provide you with an individual quotation.


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