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Convoy in the Park truck festival at Donington

What do you get if you combine truck racing with a festival? You get Convoy in the Park.

The past race weekend was full of family fun, exciting activities and, of course, two action-packed days of racing!

Visitors flocked to Donington Park in their thousands, the weather held out for the majority of the daytime hours as well as during the races – and there was a real party atmosphere, too.

Spectator attractions included Monster Truck rides, drift trucks, outdoor cinema and live music playing into the night. The event coaxed in nearly 1000 show trucks. The infield had never seen such a sight at a truck event.

It was Saturday morning, when the trucks went out onto the track for the very first time to qualify for the first race of the day.

Terry had a few good warmup laps, but when it came down to achieving a good lap time, the antiroll bar snapped, buried itself into the tyre and caused a puncture.

As a result, he had to start the first race of the weekend from the back row. Terry was ready to race as he started overtaking one competitor after another. Once he left some trucks behind, he stuck to the tail of Michael Oliver’s Scania. When Terry tried to overtake, the two had a small get-together. The result: a damaged front tyre and radiator, one of Terry’s dampers ripped off and a cracked windscreen.

The team had a few busy hours getting the battered-looking race truck back together, but with the help of other teams, we managed to get back on track for the second race – which ended far better than the previous one as Terry finished on 9th place.

Sunday´s race day started off very well with the sun coming through and Terry on the pole position for the 3rd race of the weekend. Shortly after the start of the race, Terry found himself at the top of the field as part of the leading pack – holding on to 3rd position for quite a while. Eventually, Stuart Oliver went passed and Shane Brereton was set to attack, too. Despite trying to keep the 4th place, Terry had to hand over to Shane, if he did not want to risk another crash. He crossed the finish line on 5th place.

The following race was very similar to the previous one. Terry kept a front position for most of the race, but was then pushed out wide: As a result, he dropped down some places.

And yet we qualified to race at the grand final on Sunday evening – a points scoring race where only the top drivers of each class were allowed to fill the grid. With a mixture of A and B class trucks on the grid – 22 trucks in total – and heavy rainfall, it turned into an action-packed race with Terry finishing on 8th position – an eventful end to the day, and a fantastic end to the weekend!

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